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Listen to Walter Newkirk's Interview with Suzie Wylie on Valley Happenings!

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"I'm mad about Grey Gardens and especially Walter Newkirk's new book memoraBEALEia."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Bryan Batt, star of the Emmy winning TV series Mad Men                                  

10.2.9 Letters of Little Edie Beale: Grey Gardens and Beyond is now available on AUTHORHOUSE FOR $25.00.

The cover art for Letters of Little Edie is I'll Never Get Out of Here by Bruce Lennon.

Preview some of the art that will be featured in Letters of Little Edie

memoraBEALEia is now available on

cover art and design by bruce lennon

book design by walter newkirk and walt radomsky

edited by deborah heikkila

Please be sure to visit the website Little Edie Live! A Visit To GREY GARDENS - Walter Newkirk's 1976 Interview with Little Edie which is now available for sale on

Suzie Wiley interviews Walter Newkirk on Talk of The Town with Suzie about his book "MemoraBEALEia" ...

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 View actor/director Peter Petraitis as Little Edie.   You'll roar!

10.18.9 - Click here for Little Edie talks about too many bookshelves, Letters of Little Edie Beale and her love of books.

 Click here for Little Edie talks about meeting Walter Newkirk.

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